A day in the life of a designer

I woke up this morning too late at the crack of dawn. When my alarm clock went off, I kept hitting a snooze button for half an hour. I don’t need the alarm clock. What a horrible day! The sun may come out? The mornings are best for yoga, meditation and reading. That’s why I’m dragging myself out of bed I am getting up joyfully with the furious bulldog facial expression with the angelic smile on my face. I’ve changed my mind. I’ll stay in my bed to have an extra half an hour nap to exercise a deep breathing.

I am getting up. I am eating a sandwich in a rush, making a cup of tea and sitting in front of my computer. I’m making a colourful, healthy breakfast for myself and looking out of the window to enjoy the greenery. My mailbox is bursting at the seams, where shall I start? I’m going through all the e-mails I’ve received last night and taking the short breaks every 10 minutes to do some forward bends and squats. I’m deleting the spam emails quickly & replying to the urgent emails, leaving the rest of the emails to be replied later on in the afternoon. It’s 11:00 am. I am replaying to my emails with peace and gratitude. I’m making another cup of tea. The telephones start ringing. Investors, Sub-contractors, Agents.

1:00pm. I’m still stuck in paperwork. I’m going for a quick walk to get a fresh air. Lunch in front of computer. I am taking a break for a lunch because my partner has come back home. We would like to have a short catch up/ drink a cup of coffee. We are eating/drinking. In a rush. We’re opening a bottle of wine. We are dinking a glass of wine and talking about what has happened to us today.

4:00pm. I’m running out through a door as will be late for a meeting with the Investors. I’m leaving for a meeting. I’m coming back home. I am glad even though I’m tired and lie down on a bed and making the corrections to a project, which we’ve talked about. It’s 8:00pm, dinner. It’s quiet and peaceful around. I can sit down in front of my computer and start designing 🙂


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