Picasso’s art for a blind person. How do blind people live?

No amount of skilful invention can replace the essential element of imagination.
Edward Hopper

Picasso’s art for a blind person? Yes please, I’ll also take Boznanska’s art. Do homes of the sightless can inspire the sighted to better interior decoration? Read – and learn how the meeting with a blind Artur has changed myself – a designer. 


At first glance the accommodations of the blind people don’t differ from the seeing people. However, once you’ve closed your eyes, the problems will begin…


Is this place liveable?

What can you see in the middle of the night in your house, when the electricity was turned off in the entire neighbourhood? You’re are going to a bathroom and hitting your hips against the edge of a dining table. You are swearing “F”. You want to make yourself a cup of tea or a lemon balm tea to calm you down. Well.. but how to do this and don’t burn your hands!?

Close your eyes ( not now, in a little while ). Imagine – what the world would look like if you didn’t see anything. Would you find yourself in your own house? Where would you like to be the most? What would you change in your home?  Close your eyes for a few minutes/seconds now.


How do blind people live?

Artur told me how to live without the vision. How to cook without burning the hands. How to choose the furniture and finally, what does he need the paintings for. Tea – there is a device that you put in to a mug and it makes sounds. It makes you alerted that is almost full when pouring the water. The edges – firstly: the round shapes are more pleasant to touch, not only for the sightless; secondly: the furniture is best to placed against the wall. Artur said: ” You need to make your life easier”.


What do the blind people need the painting for?

In terms of the art in the interior, a blind person can “own” Picasso’s paintings without spending any penny! Welcome to the imagination! Even the blind children learn about Rubens’s shapes or Pollock’s expressionism. You won’t surprise them! They live in the world of seeing people and they would like to get to know the culture and art, just like we do. The picture frame is mega important – it can be touched! Picasso’s art in a carved frame, Matisse’s in a smooth one and Boznanska in a clip one. And you know right now, in which place of your house, sorry, apartment you are.


The meeting with Artur “has opened my eyes”.

This is not a sarcasm! Artur has made me realised how vital it is to iclude the texture and structure of the items in the interior design. This is a key factor for the blind people but it’s also very important for the sighted people. Without sight, we’ve got a chance to experience the world by using the other senses. The eye can often not to see the difference between the ceramic and the wooden tile but a barefoot can. Is your house pleasent when touched? How does your body feel when your hands holding a porcelain mug? When your body is lying down in the fresh bedding? What sound does your house make? How does it smell? Maybe, it would be worth to stop for a moment and pat a chest of drawers and a dog? Perhaps with the eyes closed? Artur – thank you for your openness and great sense of hummor.


Bye, bye.



(the author of the picture “Morning Sun” is Edward Hopper)

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