The arrangement of light is the simplest way of changing the boring, overwhelming room.

Number one: THE LIGHT! It affects a state of mind, builds the atmosphere and causes that the rooms can fulfil their functions. The arrangement of light is the simplest way of changing the boring, overwhelming room.

The arrangement of light in the interior makes you feel good in your home.


Why the light is so important in the interior?

If the rearrangement of the room settings against the directions of the world and the enlargement of the windows opening are not possible (and it would even threaten a construction disaster), try to take the advantage of the artificial light. The arrangement of light gives you the best and the quickest effects, even by spending the minimum time and money. Thanks to the right lamps, you can even enlarge the space. I can give you some ideas right away.


7 tips on how to take care of the lighting in your home:

1. Plan many different light points (lamps) switched on independently, even though you will use half of them occasionally. The lighting influences on a comfort of staying in the room, aesthetics and the character of the interior – that’s why you need to take care of the good light in every place in your house.

2. Thanks to the floor lamps you can easily create an intimate place and allow a better exposure of the specific zone (e.g. armchair). If you often experiment with a décor, the advantage of the floor lamps is their mobility. You can move them round and  just check yourself how they are creating a unique atmosphere.

3. The source of the light behind a TV (e.g. a floor lamp standing in a corner of the room) eliminates a contrast of the flickering screen with a dark room.

4. Important: go with the wall lamp, plafonds, lights shining upwards (allowing more exposure of the ceiling) an optically enlarging the room in the same time. This trick would even pay off in a high room ( e.g. in an old town house ) , as it always adds the elegance to it.

5. Pendant above a table? Yes, but… Switch it on only when you are eating a fish and don’t want to choke on a fishbone. The upper light illuminates the human faces really badly and can glare in the eyes. The table can be best situated by the window.

6. On a daily basis, turn on the side lights  – the wall lamps and the LED strip lights, unless you don’t care about the wrinkles multiplied on your face and a mood like from the picture of Vincent Van Gogh “The potato eaters”. The additional dimmers of the wall lamps allow to regulate the light intensity.

7. Light the candles too. They can surprise their beauty. They give the effect of the cosy warmth, allow the exposure of light and put you in a good mood.


How does the light affect our appearance?

The pendants (hanging lamps from the ceiling ) are the most often purchased lights. They “play” a significant role in the interior design, they light up the whole room/space, however they are a source of light that can shrink the room and definitely don’t illuminate people and objects enough.

The movie stars! They know how to pose in the photos to look great. Besides that they know “their better profile”, they would never ever stand under a direct source of light. Act like a movie star!


Install the wall lamps!

If I were to give you just one advice, which could bring the quickest result with regards to the arrangement of light, I would direct your attention to the wall lamps. They are the ones that have the fastes influence on the change of the indoor atmosphere and the residents mood.

You would have the impression that a room looks higher, more interesting and pleasant.


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(the author of the picture “The potato eaters II” is Vincent van Gogh)

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