How to live your life? How to survive the renovation?

Why I didn’t become an architect. A few words about designing life and interiors.

Designing your own accommodation is almost the same as designing your dream life. 
You can follow the fashion and the expectation of others or furnish (decorate) your house in harmony with yourself.

Listening to your heart often argues with what your mind tells you. Although I had no doubt and  knew that I wanted to become an Interior Designer, I was fully aware that the architect profession is linked to a bigger social prestige. Before I felt a pride in what I was doing in my profession, I had gone through the long way (from an idea, through the difficulty of the implementation to the satisfaction). To design the interior is kind of similar.


First, you create a vision – you visualise the outcome of how great it will look like. You make the first decisions. Your mind sugests to choose the solutions that provide the stability and that your neighbours would feel jealous about. You’re counting and calculating. Even though “the architect” sounds really proudly, I’ve listened to my heart and I’ve stick to it. I design the interiors according to the real needs and the resident’s taste, not to the current trend. To follow your heart is always exciting!


Excitement – this is what it’s felt when a decision about the renovation or the decoration of your house or the accommodation is made. Excitement, this is what I felt when attending the grammar school, at that stage of life when I was making my first, shy decisions about the future. After the excitement, I experienced the disappointment, not the pride. I felt like an experimental rabbit. No one has any plan! And the plan, at the stage of the implementation saves your ass!


In the process of the interior design, the realisation is a very stressful renovation/decoration process. The builders often let you down. The solutions you wanted to apply are unreal. Your budget is getting tight. Likewise with the life planning. It turns out that the pride you supposed to feel is very far. There is a lot to do. You cannot miss out this stage.


Only after resolving thousands of problems and overcoming hundreds of crisis’s, the dust is falling. It’s falling down long, first to a cup of coffee – seriously, for many weeks after completing the refurbishment project, the dust is still in the air and falling into food. And just at the end  you can sit comfortably in your armchair, sofa or on the floor and enjoy a view of your New Home. Or like me, it is pleased to watch the proud faces of my investors in their interiors, for example in this one (click here) or this one (click here).

How to live your life? How to survive the renovation?

Pride – I wish you to feel this emotion with regards to your choices, also in the relation to the interior design. Stick to your choices. Design your interiors and life according to your needs and desires and not the expectations of others.

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