I am convinced that with my professional help you will arrange the interior in your own way. I will help you express or discover your own style. You will live beautifully, comfortably and with class.

I solve problems of impersonal and ugly places. I’m making dreams. I can comprehensively take care of the interior. I do not know anything about technical or compositional-color issues.


I experienced a general renovation of my own “M”

A narrow, long hallway, a kitchen with no place for a table, a dark living room and a small bedroom from the hot south. With passion, I solved the difficulties associated with the old unattractive interior. After renovation, I have a huge bedroom from the north – a paradise in the summer and a spacious living area with a kitchen bathed in the sun. Because I like it so much. I successfully host up to 14 friends at the same time.

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fot. Chybanapewno in MyHoneyHome


The name KIKAROOM came to me at a pale dawn when I was having fun with friends. Latinos salsa flowed from the loudspeakers, in which the chorus was repeated all the time: “kika rum, kika rum, kika, kika, kika rum” (phonetic record). All my relatives knew about my search, and because KIKA was me, a group of friends started shouting to me, “KIKA! You have a name! “I changed” rum “in” room “and that’s how KIKAROOM was created – Interior design studio.

Soon afterwards, I wrote my manifesto:

I know what energy the interior gives, which is a reflection of a human being. I believe that every day is worth a beautiful setting. I appreciate the quality and aesthetics of the things that surround me. I listen to the voice of intuition and live in my own way.

Kika – my inner artist – drawing
by Magda Janicka

I love art, I’m friends with artists

I am a graduate of the School of Interiors and Space of Cracow Schools of Art. I love designing (I was talking about my profession with the Nomio portal), I’m also a painter by profession. I defended my diploma with prof. Jargusz at the Faculty of Art of UP in Krakow.

I paint only for pleasure. Although it does not happen as often as I would like, I like to give my art to my loved ones. I always finish several months of investor relations by handing over the work of my beloved artists. I choose a graphic, fabric or painting that will complement the interior in the most beautiful way.

Because I like being both a champion and a student, I’m in the middle of a photography course. I dream about the publication of my implementation in the interior design magazine.

What else can I tell you about yourself?

If only it was possible, I would dance with Patrick Swayze, I would go for a drink with Frida Kahlo and I would let Batman save me from all the evil of this world.

I would love to hear about your dream interior. I will be honored if you let me make your everyday life happy. You can find my portfolio by clicking this link.

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