A narrow, long hallway, a kitchen with no place for a table, a dark living room and a small bedroom from the hot south. An old apartment from the 1950s is now beyond recognition.

With passion, I solved the difficulties associated with a highly unattractive interior. After renovation, I have a huge bedroom from the north – a paradise in the summer and a spacious living area with a kitchen bathed in the sun. Just because I like it so much. I successfully host up to 14 friends at the same time.

The kitchen is simple and black. It has black tops, fronts and walls. Everywhere there is durable chalk paint, no glass or tiles. I wanted to see if the black color will work on a daily basis. It has been great for 3 years.

In my apartment I also have my home office. With the abundance of colors and forms that the interior designer encounters, my own space must first and foremost silence me.

I have also successfully tested a non-obvious solution that I like very much, it is a concrete floor. I chose concrete because I like large stretches of space, and it is a material that can be used in any room. The floor is not cold because it is insulated with acoustic foamed polystyrene. It surprises all my guests, everyone wants to try walking barefoot, it is also very nice to touch and has pleasing to the eye colorful patches.

I had an ambition to design all the elements of the apartment. Ultimately, I only bought a bedside table and lamps. A beautiful, almost a century old art deco table is a gift. It was renovated, the chairs gained a new upholstery. Specially for this table I changed the location of the lighting. The table is a contrast to a simple kitchen and it is the most important decoration of the whole interior.

And you? What kind of interior would you dream of

if you were sure that THIS could come true?

Share your dream with me. I’ll show you that it can be done.