Each woman will have her own space in the renovated house. The interior will be colorful, consistent and heavily feminized.


Karolina, it’s great! We like it very much 🙂 We are counting down the days to the implementation. Today I will have exceptionally colorful dreams 🙂

This is the comment from the investor from Bielsko-Biała to the visualisations posted on this website. Ewa and her two daughters, Julia and Zosia, are bold, specific women who love colors and are not afraid of going beyond schemes. The interior design gave them a lot of pleasure.

The challenge in this case was designing in only one room: bedroom, living room and dining room. Ewa did not have her own place to sleep and relax. To separate the space just for her, I inserted an openwork sliding door, which additionally ventilates her bedroom.

Because the house is old, Ewa was worried that it would be necessary to engage a constructor in the renovation process. However, I managed to separate space for each character and a place to receive guests without touching the load-bearing walls. Each of the women now has space only for herself, in her style and taste and the whole is stylistically coherent.

I always devote a lot of time to clients, so that they do not have to change anything and that their interior is perfectly matched to them. In the case of Ewa’s apartment, I went to the interior shop three times to apply the paint sampler, because the shade of green on the wall had changed and I wanted to check if it would fit into the sea-color sofa. Such a pampered approach brings the best results. Here is a part of a long review that I received after finishing the renovation:

We are delighted with the effect and we love to spend time in our kingdoms. Girls’ rooms are great and my “studio” is a refuge and an oasis of peace. It’s all thanks to Karolina, who listened to our preferences and dreams, and then scrupulously transferred them to paper, pampering every detail. With patience, she proposed further elements to match our tastes and to create harmonies with the rest of the equipment. We are happy that we could create beautiful interiors together.

And you? What kind of interior would you dream of

if you were sure that THIS could come true?

Share your dream with me. I’ll show you that it can be done.