Simply, spatially, without unnecessary decorations, yet interesting and with an idea. Here is a modern, slightly New York arrangement of a developer apartment for a young couple with two children.

The implementation of the pampered project, which is a full design service, takes about 3 months. In the case of Justyna and Adam, we did not have that much time. Despite the deadlines, thanks to clearly defined expectations of investors, the project was created very efficiently.

The couple knew what they like: beige, gray, brick, minimalism. Their apartment was one more occasion when I could help by planning a functional arrangement and solutions to facilitate everyday life. Clients thought they were doomed to sleep in the living space of the flat. Beautiful, sliding, glass wall allows them, however, to separate the area for rest from the kitchen area. After a long search, we also found a sofa that becomes a comfortable bed at night. There are not many satisfying solutions in this scope on the market.

One of the pictures shows Joanna Pyrskała’s painting.

And you? What kind of interior would you dream of

if you were sure that THIS could come true?

Share your dream with me. I’ll show you that it can be done.