Katarzyna and Robert were surprised by the metamorphosis of their apartment. Cooperation and discovering their own style was so pleasant for them that they would be happy to decorate one more space. Their new interior is friendly and full of charm.

Katarzyna and Robert did not care for a quick renovation and interior design. They were worried most about the lack of specific preferences. The couple simply did not know what they liked and that’s why they needed time to feel confident in their choices. The process of arranging the interior was an opportunity for them to have fun and get to know each other better.

They were surprised many times by their choices. They expected safe, classic and conservative decisions. However, they chose beautiful, patterned floor tiles for the bathroom, from which we started the project,. It’s an element that does the so-called wow – it’s hard to take your eyes off them. For the interior to be consistent, I chose calm-colour materials for the floor.

Another discovery was furniture in the Provencal style, which the couple liked very much. The nature of the whole interior slowly cleared up – not sterile modern, but warm and retro.

We have completely changed the functional layout. Originally, it had a dark hallway. We demolished the partition walls and gained a lot of light. I always ask investors about their preferences and hobbies. In this case, the couple likes to spend time at the table, so we located the dinning room next to the terrace. In contrast, the living room was on the sidelines, so that the light did not interfere with the quiet watching of movies and series.

At the end of the cooperation, I received references from them, which I enjoy until today:

We have entrusted to Karolina, the person we have been referred to, the interior design of our apartment. As its new owners, we needed to adapt it to our needs and lifestyle. Cooperation with Karolina consisted in designing a functional system, selection of colors, materials and interior design elements, as well as electrical design. We are happy with the effect. We can safely recommend Karolina as a creative and competent designer.

And you? What kind of interior would you dream of

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