Sapphire promotes relaxation, calming effect and does not strain your eyes. This is the favorite color of Kasia and Wojtek, and the leitmotif in their newly furnished developer apartment. Vivid colors have been combined with delicate details into a coherent, compositional whole.

Because I put a lot of time and heart in empathic understanding of the expectations and style of my investors, I am very happy about words such as these:

Thanks to Karolina, we have a functional interior with adequate lighting and space for storage. The kitchen is ideally suited to our taste. The guests say that it is “ours”, which is probably the best testimony. Interesting, extraordinary solutions – such as a shelf – a shower seat, or a long-wall upholstered panel-headrest. The whole is consistent, logical and beautiful.

Kasia loves to cook and receive guests, which is why the living space that connects the kitchen and living room had to meet all her needs. The room has two long worktops. I devoted a lot of attention to the selection of appropriate materials that will be resistant to dirt, damage and frequent use.

The center of the house is a designed table that can be unfolded when guests arrive. What’s more, the designed by me Kasia’s dressing table in the bedroom has dimensions, thanks to which it can also be added to the table. Thanks to it, the couple can accommodate up to 14 guests at the same time.

And you? What kind of interior would you dream of

if you were sure that THIS could come true?

Share your dream with me. I’ll show you that it can be done.