I started creating a new home for Edyta and Michał by modifying the interior layout. All this was done to make the house from the catalog meet all the needs of the residents. The adaptation included changes in which cooperation with the constructor was necessary.

Cooperation with Edyta and Michał included the functional layout design and consultations,  during which I recommended carpenters and material wholesalers. In this project it was very important to divide work into several stages. Starting from an in-depth analysis of needs, giving yourself time to think over and correct,  and finally for construction. The most important goal is to adapt the space to the needs and lifestyle of the residents.

In relation to the finished project from the catalogue, a dozen or so important changes have been made. In the new version, the garage has 2 stands, there is also an additional passage from the garage through the pantry to the kitchen. The staircase is open to the living room, the stairs are more comfortable – lower and deeper. A fireplace in the middle of the living space separates the kitchen from the living room and warms up more space, the wider patio doors in the living room and dining room give a beautiful view of the garden. The kitchen was also arranged differently. Instead of the adjacent pantry (which is now situated under the stairs from the garage side), the kitchen has a place for elegant, high fitting. The toilet was enlarged by a shower. There is even a room for an extra wardrobe in the office. The number of bedrooms in the attic has not been changed.


A beautiful view of the Beskid greenery is an element that I also decided not to change.


And you? What kind of interior would you dream of

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