A couple – Michał and Asia wanted a substitute for the village in the city. An old attic converted into a house is full of natural wood, bricks, renovated antique furniture and beautiful trinkets from mothers and grandmothers. There are also a few glamorous flavors for balance.

Very often, my clients cannot imagine something. They think that they have no place for certain elements or that something should not be done. In this case, investors had a few dreams, according to them unrealistic. My talent is that I see more. My task was to prove that it would be possible.

Michał, who often plays football and needs space for a “home dressing room”, wanted to have a large bathroom, necessarily with two sinks. However, he did not see a place for it. The same was true of the two-door refrigerator – the couple were afraid they would have to resign from it.

After demolishing the walls and re-designing the functional layout, I calmly met their expectations. I also found space for an additional laundry. I prepared a pampered project for the couple and took care of the author’s supervision. Today, Michał and Asia enjoy a unique interior that meets their needs, reflects their style and taste.

During the renovation of the house, after removing the layers of plaster, paint and wallpaper, in front of our eyes appeared a miracle in the form of structural beams, which gave this interior a new composition. The floor was covered with oak planks. The pictures show the original brick discovered after removing the plaster.

Coffee table and chairs were found on the website with advertisements. The furniture has been meticulously restored by a carpenter and upholsterer. Kitchen and bathroom furniture has been designed especially for customers. I persuaded Michal to renovate the fireplace by himself, which is a beautiful decoration of the apartment. The graphics, which can be seen on one of the photos, is the liner of Magda Janicka.

The Owners, thanks to the huge involvement in the design process, feel that this place is really theirs. Here are the references that they gave me at the end of cooperation:

Karolina is passionate about art, as well as she is art practicioner, a lover of innovative solutions for the functionality of a flat or a house; combining professionalism, ingenuity and affordable price of services while maintaining the highest quality and cooperation standards that few can boast about.

And you? What kind of interior would you dream of

if you were sure that THIS could come true?

Share your dream with me. I’ll show you that it can be done.