Interior colours: how to choose the colours for yourself

Trust in yourself. Your perceptions are often far more accurate than you are willing to believe
Claudia Black

What colour to choose for the living room? What colour to choose for the kitchen? I answer perversely – for yourself. If you don’t know if your accommodation (house) suits your personality, read how and why it is worth choosing the interior colours for yourself.

I feel badly in the red, the yellow makes me nervous and at blue I’m freezing in the middle of summer. Why the hell you’re buying the red pillows, painting the walls in yellow and eating dinner on the white plates with the blue flowers?

Despite of the fact that the influence of the colours on the human mind is known for years, we do not wonder on how the chaos of colours affects badly our subconscious mind and every day life. And a state of chaos to obtain is very easy.

Don’t copy your neighbours interior and even or maybe especially a TV program.  It means, watch and observe a lot but take the conclusions. I will tell you what to do, to bring your house closer to a state of harmony between you and the environment.


5 tips on how to match the interior colours for yourself:


  • Open your wardrobe. What do you like wearing the most and why? Many people have the problem to determinate the style of their house interior. It’s worth to look into your wardrobe to look for the inspiration. There is nothing wrong to have a few favourite styles. We have different interests. Eclecticism in the interior is something natural. Your house “should be dressed” more or less like you. Maybe your wardrobe drowns in floral dresses but your house has nothing romantic in itself? Or you are an extrovert and like the bold colours but your house is white and cold. Change it!
  • Think about your eyes. What colour suits your iris?  Your beauty? Your temperament? It’s good to know your basic type of beauty and to choose the colours of the interior to feel good with them. Are you spring, summer, autumn or winter? We usually know intuitvely, which colours suit us best. To feel good, it’s worth to be surrounded by them in the interior.
  • What colours, structures and textures would you like to be surrounded by? Walk around your house as if you were there for the first time in your life. What would you think about the inhabitants? Do you like the colours of the walls? If you don’t, you can quite quickly and cheaply change the state of it. Also, spend a few hours to take a look at things in your house. Which items have the sentimental value for you? A part can be used to decorate your home ( pictures, shells, postcards), another part can be used as the inspiration in the decor.
  • What images attracting your eyes? Not only in the art gallery. I am also asking for the images from the nature. Are you closer to the autumn leaves of a dense forest or the azure water? Yellow-golden sand or New York streets? These images say a lot about your personality and you can very easily weave them in the interior.
  • If you could choose any place to live in the world, where would it be? Why? What colours are there? What can you see? Would not it be nice to nibble some of this paradise for yourself? For everyday.


So how, what colour will your days be?


Bye, bye,


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